Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksgiving recap with Pictures

Ok so I know I told you all we decided to drive to Michigan to see family for Thanksgiving and then my husband was going to go hunting with my dad. Well here is the rest of the story. :)
So as you know we drove 2200 miles up there. The kids did amazingly well. Thank goodness for night driving and portable DVD players. As you know we stopped at my Aunt's in GA. Little L loves spending time with her and the feeling is mutual. They went and fed the cows together, road on the 4-wheeler and played outside. He was in heaven.

Lucas trying to get the cows to come over

They finally realized he had BREAD!


                                                 Baby E riding on my grandpa's tractor
                                            Little L riding on my grandpa's tractor

After my husband got some sleep and some man time in with my uncle, we headed off again. This time we stopped in Williamsburg KY. M showed me where he went to college and where he lived. I thought it was great finally getting to see it and putting a place with all of the stories I have heard.

Next we stopped in Lexington for the night at a yucky hotel. I'm not a huge fan of cheap hotels and this one was cheap and it was yucky. There was hardly any hot water for a shower and the pressure just sucked. I was very disappointed. Anywho. We woke up and drove a little farther to meet up with a SGT friend of his from college to have breakfast. The guys enjoyed catching up on each others lives and I dealt with the kids.

Finally we were back in the car and heading to Cabela's. We only have Bass Pro around us and since my dad introduced M to Cabela's we HAVE to stop every time we are near. Which I don't mind because it is a really neat store. Plus my amazing husband bought me this:
This is my brand new Benelli M2 20 gage shot gun. I was able to try it out once we were at the deer camp and am pretty pleased with it. It has very little kick and is very light. I can't wait to try it out without wearing a big heavy coat and gloves. :) I of course had to get a pink real tree case for my gun.

I feel pretty spoiled. But then I remember the main reason M bought this for me was so that I would go out to the gun range with him more. Hummmm.....interesting huh? Ulterior motive?:)

We were able to meet up with my cousin and see his new house and meet his new girlfriend. I really like her. She is the most normal, level headed one yet. I think they are pretty perfect for each other. I was glad I finally got to meet her. My cousin and I grew up as close as brother and sister without living together. It was the best of both worlds. In high school I was always the last one to meet the girlfriends. I knew he was serious about someone if I met them. So, I am happy that I got to meet her and that I like her.

Wednesday night my grandparents and aunt arrived at my dad's house. My grandma and grandpa were finally able to meet Baby E. I think the kids wore them out. But it was still nice that they were finally able to spend some time with both of our kids.

Thursday M spent most of the day installing heated seats in my dad's truck. I was inside with the kids. We had a great dinner and I ended up taking a nap before we headed out. We left that night for the deer camp for my dad and M to go hunting.

I went to bed early that night because I wasn't feeling good. It was amazing getting some extra sleep. M and my dad got up early the next morning to go out. They spent most of the day out in the blind trying to get a deer. They were not successful. :( I was stuck in a little cabin with both kids. Thankfully the Ranch we were on breeds deer and had one that was super friendly. M finally got his deer the next morning. He got a huge 10 point. I am very proud of him!!!!! We are going to get it mounted. Where it will be hung is beyond me.

                                                          Inside of the deep camp
                                                                       Our cute kids
                                              They even look cute in cold weather gear
                                          The Deer. Top left is the buck M got. The rest are of
                                          the kids calling the deer over and then getting licked
                                          by said deer. Baby E thought it was the greatest thing EVER!

Saturday night we drove back to my dad's then headed back to Florida on Sunday. Both kids did amazing in the car and the trip was a nice one. I am glad we were able to go up there and see my family. It was a nice time away, but it also felt great to be home again.


  1. So glad you were able to go see family. We just bought a gun and I love going to the range. :)

  2. So happy that you guys had a great time. One of these years M will have to come hunt with N. N got another buck last night that we are getting mounted too. Our hubby's are too much alike!

  3. You are a GOOD WIFE. Funny how vacations are never vacations for moms, but more work amiright? ;) You're a trooper though.

    And ohmygosh, those kids in puffy coats is easily the cutest thing I've seen all day. I heart puffy coats on little people!

  4. Looks like so much fun... But I'd go nuts being in such a small cabin I think! So props to you!


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