Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Somewhat wordless Wendesday

Thank you to those that responded about the Strong Bonds retreats. If anyone else has any thoughts or opinions on it, please feel free to share. :) k thanks!

On Sunday Baby E was sick. Like coughing so hard she threw up a few times, sick. Now let me tell you about our daughter. She doesn't act sick. She can be throwing up one minute, then the next she's off playing and screaming and tormenting her brother. But when she doesn't feel good, all she wants is mommy. Little L always wanted daddy when he was sick, which made it difficult when M was deployed. But anyways. I had noticed some pink in her left eye and became concerned that it might be pink eye. So, we decided I would stay home with her on Monday and take her to the doc.
I was able to sleep in a little (yea for me!!!!) then took Little L to preschool. Finally it was time for the doc appointment. While waiting, Baby E played happily and crawled around. You honestly cannot tell she is sick. Can you?

She is such a ham

Playing so good while waiting for the doctor

We found out that the pink in her eye was from a popped blood vessel, she did it while coughing the day before. Also she has an ear infection. The doctor was quite surprised that we didn't bring her in sooner for her ear, but unfortunately our kids do not show the normal symptoms of ear infections.

And here are some other recent pics of Baby E. I wish I had more of Little L, but he isn't interested in the camera and tends to make silly faces lately. :( If you follow me on Instagram you have seen these already, but they are too cute to not share again.
Future U of M cheerleader

Future Model here


  1. Aww she is so adorable! Such a good girl you would never know she is sick from the pictures. :)

  2. OH my freaking gosh.. she's turning into such a little beauty.. what a ham! It's both good and bad that she doesn't let illness get her down I suppose.

  3. I love her little chub! She is so cute. Glad she's on the mend- hope she feels completely better soon!

  4. Poor kid. Glad she doesn't seem to let the sickness phase her! Definitely a future model ;)

  5. That is the happiest sick baby that I have ever seen!

  6. Thank you everyone! She is really a sweet baby and she knows she's cute. She is quite the little ham :)


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