Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween Recap

I finally went through our pictures and am ready to recap Halloween. I am going to apologize now on my lack of good pictures. I basically forgot we had a camera and then was carrying or pushing Pretty Girl most of the night.

Without further ado.......

Halloween 2013!!!!

Booger literally had been waiting ALL month for Halloween. We received a catalog in the mail with Halloween costumes in it. He went through that catalog at least 50 different times. He picked out his costume and would tell ANYONE who would listen. He was sooooooo excited! He decided he wanted to be Jake, from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. It's a kids show on Disney. At the beginning of October, my mom and I went to just look at costumes, with the kids, and get prices. OMG! Half the costumes and sizes were already GONE! I couldn't believe it!!!! I didn't know it at the time, but my mom decided right then she wanted to buy the costumes the kids picked out. She gave them to me about a week later. Boy were Booger and Pretty Girl super excited!
All month long Booger would talk about trick-or-treating, his costume and Halloween any time a commercial came on about the holiday. It was pretty funny and cute to watch. :)
The day of Halloween arrived. Both kids were really excited. I dressed them in their Halloween shirts and off to Preschool they went.

M and I picked them up from preschool after work and headed over to our friends house. These friends have a son who is literally a month younger than Booger. We actually had due dates a day a part, but Booger decided to come early. Anyways.
Dinner was served, the kids ate and then got dressed. They were too cute!!!

Booger as Jake

Pretty Girl as Cinderella

Eating her Pizza
The boys (I took literally like 20 pictures and could never get both looking at the camera at the same time)
We walked outside and!!! There were a TON of people around! I have never seen so many people trick-or-treating in one area before.

These photos don't do the crowd justice


into the zone

M's best friend and the boys
Pretty girl was done walking by the third house, but wanted to be pushed up to each house to say "trick-o-treat" and get her candy. It was really cute. Booger was done after about 10 houses. He started off running everywhere and tired quickly.

We allowed them to dig into their candy that night. We of course also helped ourselves to a few pieces. All in all it was a good Halloween for us. I think if we can, we will trick-or-treat in the same neighborhood again.

Did you all do anything fun for Halloween???


  1. The costumes are awesome!!! :) Looks like a great Halloween.

  2. Cute costumes! We basically just went around the neighborhood for Halloween. It was pretty fun.

  3. Popular neighborhood! I hope they handed out great candy ;) I'm almost done with ours. Sam has already forgotten about it (yessss) and Molly was never aware of it in the first place. haha!


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