Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I have to start off by saying I’m sorry for unloading so much yesterday and for my pity party. I am doing much better today. I have to credit that with my husband who was there for me yesterday and gave me the much needed hug I had been waiting for. Also for the amazing women who contacted me yesterday with their support. I have to give special shout outs to of course my biffle, who is there for me through everything. My best army wife friend who her phone call yesterday REALLY helped calm me down and helped me to know I wasn’t alone. For that I will be forever grateful. I am so glad I met her and have such a great friend I know I can call and will understand both sides of my life. Also to Jenn, who is amazing and texted me last night. It made my night, especially knowing that someone I only know through this blog was there to support me and to make me laugh. You are amazing Jenn!!!! Also thank you to those of you who left me such nice and supportive comments yesterday. It is amazing to know I have such amazing support from people. It really means the world to me and I cannot express my thankfulness enough to those of you who have supported and are supporting me through this time. I know I will make it through. I just wish I knew what God’s plan for my family was. Yesterday was a day I was really mad at him and wanted to scream at him, but I know he only gives you what he knows you can handle. We will get through this and will be stronger as a family for it.
I continue to hope and pray my husband will get the help that he needs and I will continue to support him as best I can. I am so thankful to my two amazing children that entertained not only me but my grandma last night and helped take my mind off everything. Watching the world through their eyes can sure bring some perspective to your life. I do have a pretty amazing life. Even though I felt the world crashing in on me yesterday, I am lucky. I have two healthy, beautiful well behaved kids, a roof over my head, food in the pantry and a job that I like. I also have a husband that does love me and does like me, even if we hit our bumps; he is always there for me. I just have to remember my blessings and try to not get too caught up in what isn’t life and death. My husband reminds me of this often and to not stress so much. No one is trying to kill us and life is pretty good. I guess being in the sandbox and fighting for your life on a daily basis will put some things into perspective.

But seriously, I really appreciate all of your support during this time. I know God has a plan for us, I just wish I knew what it was.

Thank you again!


  1. We will always be here to support you! Hugs friend! :)

  2. So fun chatting texting with you. :) I'm glad things are looking up. Also, I ate a sleeve of Oreos for you, so I'm sure that helped. ;)

  3. Love you girl. So glad we could talk. You are never alone (im always around the corner...Hehe) and we are just that much more alike now.

  4. Glad today is going better for you, still thinking of you and praying for you!


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