Monday, September 24, 2012

Meet our newest family member

Meet our newest family member......Roxy!

We already have our kitty named Trevor and didn't put two and two together that we have Trevor and Roxy (from Army Wives) until my best Army Wife friend pointed it out to me. How funny is that???

We weren't planning on getting a puppy yet, we had been planning on maybe for Christmas, but a trip to a puppy store changed that plan.

My husband has been wanting a puppy for a LONG time. He has wanted a Maltese or a Shih Tzu because they don't shed. We ended up with a pure breed Shih Tzu. She is super cute!!

The first puppy we saw was a spaz. I swear this puppy was eating and biting anything that came close to it. I was NOT having a spastic puppy in our house. The second puppy we saw was the complete opposite and let Baby E pretty much mawl the poor thing. That wouldn't work very well in our house either. This little gem was the perfect mix of both. She played with the kids, but instead of biting she starting licking everyone.

She has been a very good puppy so far. We are in the process of potty training her (yea let's add a puppy to training a toddler) :) she is doing good for the most part.

I have a lot more to update on, but that will have to be done another day. I am tired and ready for bed.


  1. Hehe...Trevor and Roxy. Her back feet in the food and front feet in the water was so cute! Not to mention M saying, "i think she's going to be my dog," was adorable too. Can't wait to see you guys tonight.

  2. Love it! I'm obviously a fan of fur babies! She is a cutie. Good luck with potty training!

  3. Aww congrats!! Will hates little dogs, so he would tell me no. Hehe. Roxy is a cutie pie! PS. Glad the hubby is home!

  4. One of our dogs is a Shorkie which is a Shih Tzu Yorkie mix and Shih Tzus rock! They are such sweet dogs! Roxy is SO cute!

  5. Oh my gosh, she is adorable. I want one :)


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