Saturday, September 1, 2012

M's Homecoming

Our pictures are finally in, so here is the story of the day of M's homecoming. As you know we had been waiting to here when he would be released from Ft. Bliss to finally come home. Monday August 6th I was out to dinner with M's Grandparents when I got the call that M would finally be coming home the next day! I was so excited!!!! The butterflies started, right then and there. It's a strange feeling to be nervous to see your husband.....I mean he's your husband, you shouldn't be nervous to see him. But I was. I hate the unknown, and I didn't know how this time apart had changed us. Would he still be my same husband, or would he be so changed, that maybe we wouldn't fit together anymore. Not to mention I was so relieved to know he was home and safe. He wasn't in a place where people were trying to hurt him. Our family was FINALLY going to be complete.
I had told M that I really wanted a photographer at his homecoming, he knew it was important to me. That night I found out the one photographer I finally found mostly likely wasn't going to be able to take our pictures. So, my amazing husband called his Uncle, who agreed to come and take pictures. (he's pretty amazing huh?)
Tuesday morning I got up with the kids and cleaned the house. There wasn't too much to do because I had been cleaning for the past 5 days, a great way to keep control of the nervous energy. :) I played with the kids, gave them baths and fed them lunch. Once Baby E went down for her nap, it was time for Little L and I to go outside and decorate the house. It turned out so good! I'm pretty proud of it :)
I bought little flags to line the driveway

I had this made at
The banner I put up on the house I had made at If you have a soldier returning from deployment, you get a free sign, just pay for shipping. I think the sign I made turned out awesome! I designed the banner myself, and I'm pretty darn proud of it. :)
Finally it was time for me to get ready.
My dress
I of course took too long to get ready, so we were scrambling around, trying to get out the door on time. I wanted to be at the airport in plenty of time, in case his plane got in early. On our way up to the airport, my photographer called and said she got out of her training on time and would be able to meet us at the airport!!!!! I was soooo excited!!!! My biffle was also going to make it. She was coming for moral support. You need a lot to keep you occupied while waiting for your spouse to arrive, let me tell you. :)
We got the kids all situated then headed up to the gate area. That is where I also met Matt's uncle and found out he had brought Matt's grandparents. I thought ok, no big deal. It was no big deal until I found out they were going to go through security and meet him at the gate.....without me and the kids! I was LIVID!!!!! There wasn't time for me to get the kids and all of our crap through security, plus it's just a hassle. I figured once I said I wasn't going, they would stay back too.....nope.....they went! I don't think I can convey the shear amount of annoyed I was at this moment. This was OUR homecoming, they weren't even supposed to be there.
Finally they announced the arrival of his plane!!!! Let the butterflies begin again. Of course they didn't let him off first, so it took him awhile. Once I finally saw him, it was like all was right in the world again. We have survived our first deployment. Only time will tell how much each of us has changed, but I believe our love is strong enough to endure anything. We will work out whatever needs to be done and our relationship will only grow stronger from here. It is amazing having him home and having our family complete again.
Finally, here are the pictures from the photographer and M's uncle.

The shirts I made for the kids turned out really cute!

He's here!!!!




  1. Totally made me tear up. It's funny how all of us spouses know the exact feeling of those last few seconds before they are in our arms again!

  2. So happy for you! I would love to get a banner. How do we get one of the free ones? He comes home soon and I would love to do that too!

    1. Kristi,
      Go to and they give you all of the information. You get one bannar for free, you just have to pay shipping. You can use one of their pre-made bannars or make one yourself. Very good quality stuff!

  3. I am seriously tearing up. How sweet. Thanks for joining our hop!

  4. Aww these made me cry! So beautiful! Your dress was amazing by the way! Thanks for linking up!


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