Saturday, September 15, 2012

9 months

Oh my! Where has the time gone? Our little baby girl is 9 months old today. It's hard to believe that she is this old already. I know I missed the 8 month post, so I will try and make it up.

Baby E,
You are one of the most amazing kids I have ever had the priviledge of parenting. (your brother is the other amazing one) You are happy 99% of the time. You have special smiles saved for daddy. You are very attached to your daddy. You and him have your own games that you won't play with anyone else. You get so excited every time you see him.

You are on the move. You can army crawl like a champ. Today you finally started crawling on our new floor and are quite proud of yourself.
We are so very blessed to have you in our life. You are the light of our life and complete our family. You are such a happy girl and we couldn't be any luckier.
You are mimicking everything we do and it is so cute. You growl and play peek-a-boo. You love when people talk to you and play with you, but you hate when people yell or shout. Daddy tries to scare you all of the time, you finally stopped screaming every time he does it.

She is such a ham when a camera is out

Our pretty girl

An outfit is not complete without butt ruffles!
These past 8 months have flown by. I can't believe that in 3 short months you will be a year old! We are so proud of you Baby E and love you so very much! Happy 9 months pretty girl!



  1. Happy 9 months! Cute cute ACU outfit!

  2. Happy 9 months little one! She's a week younger than my little one! I love that ACU outfit! Where is it from??

    1. Thank you! We bought it at Ft. Bliss. I can't remember what shop but I know we bought it before my husband deployed. :)

  3. Gahhhh that face! She is so stinking adorable! :)
    I third the cute outfit!


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