Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Blog-versary to ME!

Holy cow! Can you all believe I've had this little blog for TWO years now?!?!?! I sure can't. I started this little blog while my husband was deployed and I was quite lonely. Being a reserve wife sometimes can leave you in short supply of people who understand what you are going through. Over the past two years I have met some of the most amazing, supportive and awesome people ever! I couldn't have asked for a better support group and people I call my friends.
Thank you to all who have stuck by me and supported me. You have helped more than you can ever know. In this past year we have:

*Celebrated Pretty girl turning 2, Booger turning 4, Me turning the dreaded 31
*Dealt with Booger starting VPK
*The Start of a new school year with a schedule I was NOT (am still not) happy with
*The Ups and Downs of marriage (thankfully more ups this year than downs)
*One Marriage Retreat (maybe another one to come)
*Another visit to Fantasy Fest (Must re-cap that soon.....oops)
*Joined Origami Owl and have had fantastic results
*Participated in my first Christmas Give-a-Way
*Road trip up north to see family
* Lost my Grandma
*Took the kids to see Thomas the Train
*Celebrated our 4th Wedding Anniversary
*Started my Teachers pay Teachers Store

It has been quite a year! I know there is more to add to the list, but you get the point :)

In celebration of making it two years so far.....I am going to raffle away a Medium Silver Living Locket from my Origami Owl store!

Origami Owl Medium Living Locket- Kathryn B Independent Designer

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  1. Happy Blog-versary!! It is amazing how fast the time flies by.

  2. Happy Bloggiversary!! Glad y'all have had more ups than downs :) Cheers to 2014!


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