Friday, December 13, 2013

Five for Friday

I've seen quite a few people doing this lately and I thought I would give it a try as opposed to doing my usual  Friday Letters. So here we go!

#1 I am soooo excited for the winner of my $30 Origami Owl Gift Certificate!!! I can't wait to see what she picks out. I think that is the BEST part of the job as an Independent Designer. Listening to people tell stories as they make their Living Lockets

#2 I am over course recovery, but thankfully due to some students making the wrong choices and being suspended my classes have been functioning VERY nicely. To the point where I am letting them take breaks and such. Gasp! I know. Strange. :)

#3 My sweet little Pretty Girl is turning 2 on Sunday!!!!!! Holy cow!!!!! How has 2 years gone by already?!?!?! Hopefully it won't take me long to post the re-cap. I'm sure she will be the life of the party as she sometimes is. She really is quite the little firecracker :) She gets it all from her daddy.

#4 I CAN.NOT wait for Christmas break. I didn't feel like I really got to relax during Thanksgiving break, so I am looking forward to having some time to just veg out and do some fun stuff with the kids. Plus I LOVE this time of year and can't wait to get all of my shopping done and presents wrapped and you can't forget, cookies made! Yum yum!

#5 We have to get our Christmas shopping done. I know we are running out of time, but we just sort of decided what we will get the kids for Christmas. We don't go all out for them. Our families spoil them enough so we generally get each one a big gift from "Santa" and then fill their stockings. It has worked out well with our budget.
Being silly at Grandma's house

All bundled up with her dolly

"but mommy it's bright outside!" 

Happy Friday! I hope you all have an amazing day!!!!

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