Sunday, March 3, 2013

From Pinterest to Project and this weekend

Pinterest project
This weekend I had book club with my friends. Every month we get together at someones house and everyone brings something to share. I generally try to bring something different every month. This month I was going to try mini lasagnas, then I got lazy and didn't want to go to the grocery store so I decided to make brownies because I had everything I needed to make them. Haha! Joke was on me......we didn't have an egg...insert fail here. So we had to go to the store anyways. I went down the baking isle and saw pie crust and changed my mind again. I decided to make this:

Looks yummy huh?
The recipe tells you to make your own crust and it's supposed to be all vegan and such. Well I bought an already made pie crust, bought some strawberries and the chocolate chips. I also used regular milk instead of soymilk and cut out the liquor.

This is how it turned out. It was amazing!

My creative drizzling kinda sucks, but oh well

 It tasted like a giant chocolate covered strawberry with chocolate crust. It was great and the girls all enjoyed it too! I think if I make this again I will get a graham cracker crust next time. But I will probably make it again seeing as it was sooooo easy.

Weekend recap
As you know book club was Saturday night. That morning Pretty girl got me up early and I decided that I would try and get some stuff done around the house seeing as M was at drill. First order of business was taking down the crib. *sniff, sniff* I can't believe our little girl is big enough to be out of her crib. Their room looks huge now, but it's great to finally have that put away seeing as we aren't using it anymore.

Pretty girl's side of the room before she was born

Bye bye crib.....can't believe it's finally down
I also moved a dresser, cleaned 80% of the house and got about 80% of the laundry done and a box of baby stuff ready to ship out hopefully this week. And this was all before noon. I was pretty pleased with myself, as well as tired. I seem to be pretty motivated when M is gone.
Book club was fun and relaxing. I really enjoy my book club nights. One of my friends is going through a hard time in her marriage right now. I feel so bad for her and wish there was more I could do for her, except be there for her. You never want to see your friends going through tough times.

Today I did a little cleaning, hung out with my mom, took a nap and just hung out with the kids. It was a relaxing day. I didn't have the motivation to finish the cleaning today :( ah well. It will get done eventually.
It's been cold here the last couple of days. I don't mind it too much, especially growing up in Michigan, this isn't too bad. But my poor Florida kids don't like the cold at all. Booger complains about it all of the time. :)
all bundled up on our way to breakfast with grandma

wearing her winter coat
She loves getting her picture taken, she is even trying to say "cheese"

Now I am just waiting for M to get home from drill.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend and that strawberry pie looks amazing. I will definitely have to make it. :)

  2. More motivated than I would be.. if I didn't have an egg.. that's that. I'm the worst at bringing creative things! So props to you. And more props for cleaning 80% of the house!

  3. it was so sad for me to take our crib down too... :( I love every stage, but Id be lying if I said I dont get the baby itch ...A LOT. something about snuggling your own baby. Not that I dont snuggle the babes I have but they tend to get up and run away fast than a newborn haha. ;)


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