Saturday, March 23, 2013

Friday Letters (forgot to post yesterday)

Oh my goodness! I never thought Friday would get here! Thank goodness it finally did!

Dear Students: I know we have had to speed up in our lessons to get ready for the End of Course exam, but come-on! I think you can read a question better than that. You are putting in no effort anymore and your grades are starting to show it. I'm quite disappointed.

Dear weather: Could we get a little warmer and have a little more sunshine please?  A week of cold and wet is not making me happy. I left Michigan for a reason.

Dear Kids: Thank you so very much for sleeping through the night last night. It was super nice to not be woken up for once.

Dear Thomas: Booger is going to be sooooo excited that we will be seeing you on Sunday! He is obsessed with you. Every little boys dream. :) plus his best friend is coming with us. How can it get any better?

Dear AP: I'm not happy with you right now. I feel you are treating us teachers very unprofessionally and when it involves my evaluation that goes into my file, it's not ok!

Dear Spring Break: I sure do miss you! It was nice being home for a week and even getting in some alone time with my hubby. I wish you were later in the year though, it is going to be a LONG time before we get another day off. :(

Wearing daddy's hat
Have a great weekend!!!!!!

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  1. Love it! P.S. that crappy weather is here too... I'm over it. Ready for spring. I don't think I can say that enough.


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