Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10 months

Wow! How time is FLYING!!!! It is hard to believe our pretty little girl is 10 months old.

Baby E,
You are quite the little one. You have a personality all of your own. You are, thankfully, a very happy baby (as long as the blonde lady isn't at preschool), you love to chase your brother around, get into his toys and play with the puppy. You also love to throw the puppy out of your way when she decides she wants to play and you don't.
You are very happy, but when you do get mad, oh lord do you let the world know. And you let it know for awhile. You do not give up easily, nor do you get over things quickly.
You think the world of your daddy and no one can rough house or play like him. You light up every time you see him. I knew it wouldn't be long before you had him wrapped around your little finger, and I was right. :)
Talking on the phone

You are crawling like a champ! You pull yourself up onto all of the furniture and you have finally figured out how to get back down. Thank goodness, because the screaming when you got stuck was getting annoying. You are starting to walk, so the world better watch out because you are on the move. You also get into EVERYTHING! You want any electronic device you can get your hand on.
You brother loves you too. Even though I think he gets annoyed that you seem to get a lot of attention, he still loves to play with you and make you laugh. He is a great helper when it comes to you, as long as you aren't taking his favorite toy. :)
Maybe Grandma won't notice I have her phone :)

Even though you are giving us a run for our money, you are an amazing little girl. Everyone who meets you, loves you. We adore you little one and I pray you don't give mommy and daddy too much of a hard time as you get older. :)
We love you princess!


  1. So cute, I love all of the pictures!

  2. Ah, they get so big so fast!!! She's super cute! I don't think I'm ready for when my girl gets mobile!

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