Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving recap

Oh Thanksgiving. I can't believe you have come and gone so quickly.

This year M decided he wanted to host Thanksgiving at our house. Which is not a problem with me as it would be only his family attending. The decision was finally made on Wednesday that it would be at our house and the time, as well as what everyone was responsible for. Let me tell you, having other people bring stuff, helped out SOOO much! Any who. I cleaned literally almost all day on Wednesday and most of the morning and afternoon on Thursday. I did the dishes about 5 different times between the two days and I swear if I don't clean or do dishes for the foreseeable future, I'm ok with that. I have never cleaned so much in my life and I must say, our house looked amazing! I wish I had taken pics, but I was a little busy running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

We had about 17 people in attendance
2 turkeys (one baked the other fried)
3 different kids of stuffing
4 bags of mashed potatoes
4 different kinds of bread
a cheese tray, a pickle and olive tray
Spinach dip
sweet potato casserole
deviled eggs
green bean casserole
3 different kinds of pie

Holy cow did we have food left over!   I'm kind of left-overed out, but we still have some turkey left. I might make dinner with it tonight and be done with it.


It was a good day, busy, but good. We also went out black Friday shopping after dinner. M and I both got ourselves a few things we wanted for Christmas and a few things for the kids. mainly it's fun to watch people get all bent out of shape in Wal-Mart. Lord. some people are just crazy! We were done and back home by 9 and just hung out with M's sister and her boyfriend.

It was a nice holiday. We ran a few errands on Friday and then spent the rest of the weekend being lazy. it was really nice. I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner last night :) and I don't feel bad about it. I only had to wash a knife and two cups :) I call that a win.

Do you go black Friday shopping? Can you believe how crazy some people get about the deals?

3 weeks until Christmas vacation! (But who's counting?) :)


  1. Wow 17 people?! That's awesome and sounds like fun.

  2. Yea it seemed like a TON of people in our small house. But it was nice :)


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