Monday, December 29, 2014

Pretty Girls' 3rd Birthday

It's hard to believe, but our little girl is now 3!!!! Where has the time gone??? It literally seems like just yesterday she was born and now she is a sassy, funny, loving little girl. The baby in her is gone. She is all little girl now. She LOVES dresses and shoes. I foresee a lot of money being spent on shoes in the coming years. She loves princesses and Sophia the first, dolls and all things girly.

We had just cake and ice cream at our house to celebrate and invited M's family over. We celebrated with my mom the Saturday before.
Pretty Girl picked out her own cake and of course it was a Frozen cake. I fully expected her to get a Princess one, especially seeing as she was pretty set on a Sophia cake, but once she saw the Frozen one, she changed her mind. It really turned out cute.
She really enjoyed opening her gifts as well. Daddy helped her. She loved everything she received this year, as always. She is a VERY loved little girl.
Overall I believe she had a great 3rd birthday. It's still hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that she is now 3, but she will tell anyone who will listen how old she is. She is too cute and mommy and daddy love her whole bunches!



  1. I am sitting here thinking, oh 3! She is so big! Glad my babies are still small. Oh.... wait. Molly will be three in MARCH! Yikes! ;) I'm glad she had such a great birthday (that cake looks delicious!) and I know that three will be fun for her! :)


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