Monday, November 24, 2014

Need some help

Ok everyone, I need some help. Every time I comment on someone's blog using my google account I get an email saying "delivery system notification (failure)" Can anyone tell me why I am getting this and how can I fix it?
I've tried googling the answer and can't come up with anything to help fix it. Thanks in advance!

Second. I got this Chroma color pallet from Sephora for my birthday. Let me give you the back story. I never used to wear make up, unless I was dressing up to go out. Over the summer my friends introduced me to Sephora and I found make up tutorials on youtube (my favorite is Jaclyn Hill)and I'm not hooked. I wear eye make up every day and I'm loving it. I love the fact that it covers up my dark circles and helps make me put more together.
How cool is that?!?! Look at all those pretty colors!

Anywho. Since I got this Chroma color pallet I have been matching my eye liner to my outfit. My question is, is that weird? Like if I'm wearing a pink sweater, I choose the pink eye liner. If I'm wearing blue, I pick the blue eye liner. Sometimes I pick brown or black, but generally I have been matching it. Is that weird?

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer! I do appreciate it! :)

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  1. I get those same emails but it hasn't affected my ability to comment. They still show up so I just don't worry about it.


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