Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween

It was another great Halloween!
The kids had a great time and so did I. Booger and Pretty girl both had parties at their schools and had a great day! Who doesn't love a day full of candy and fun?
For me, we had quite a few kids absent and overall it wasn't a horrible day. I even had a Halloween shirt to wear. I should have taken a pic of it because it was really cute and I got a lot of compliments about it. Bad blogger :(
After school, I had to pick up candy to be passed out and dinner of course. The house was cleaned and dinner made and ate. Finally it was time to go Trick-or-treating. The kids could hardly wait! We got them dressed and headed out. We ended up walking over a mile and went down 4 of the streets near us. I was kind of disappointed in the amount of houses that were handing out candy. As well as the amount of people who were actually out trick-or-treating. I remember as a kid there being TONS of people going house to house. This year it seemed like no one was out. Thankfully neither Booger nor Pretty Girl noticed. They had a great time and were pooped out by the time we got home.
Over all it was a great Halloween.

Booger was Optimus Prime and Pretty Girl was Belle

Seeing as I stink at taking pictures this year, I decided I would go through the Halloweens of the past since moving to Florida. :)

First year I was Kitty and went out with people I worked with. It was such a great night!
Top L and bottom L- M and I were Army people the first year we were together, Top R I was a "doctor" and Bottom R is me as a kitty from the first year in Florida :)
Booger's Past Halloweens

Top L- Booger's first Halloween he was Tiger, Middle L he was a Lion, Bottom R- He was Thomas, Bottom L- He was Jake the Pirate and Top R- was this year's Optimus Prime
Pretty Girl's past Halloweens
L- This year she was Belle from Beauty and the Beast; Top R she was a Lion for her first Halloween; Bottom R- She was Cinderella.
Halloween is one of Booger's FAVORITE holidays. He talks about what he is going to be All.Year.Long! It's cute! But trying to convince a 5 year old he has to wait a whole year is quite tricky!
I hope you all had a great Halloween!!!!! 



  1. They look great in their costumes, sounds like a wonderful Halloween! :)

  2. They're so cute all dressed up!


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