Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Recap

I had a REALLY good weekend. I didn't get a lot of sleep, or get pampered on Mother's Day, but it was still a great weekend.
M left for drill Friday night. In some respects I was happy to see him go and have a little time to myself, but on the other hand I hate it when he leaves. It's very conflicting emotions.
Saturday the kids and I got up. We did some things around the house (mainly me cleaning and doing laundry), then we went to my mom's house to swim and spend some quality time with her. It was much needed for me. Pretty Girl still isn't so sure about the pool. She acts afraid, which is funny because most times she acts like she's not afraid of anything. Booger however LOVES the pool. M showed him how to plug his nose and put his face in the water in the bathtub last week. So, Booger had to show everyone else what daddy taught him. It was really cute.

She loves to say "cheese" now when we take pictures

too bad when she says "cheese" she looses her smile

My booger and I

Saturday night I was invited out for a book club friend's birthday. I almost didn't go, but got talked into it (and also when I found out a good friend of mine would be in town) and I am SOOOOO glad I went. It was a blast!!! We went to the White Horse Saloon in Sarasota. It's a country bar and it is sooo much fun! It's great fun to dance and even to just watch the other people dance. I couldn't believe how many guys were actually out on the dance floor, dancing and actually dancing good! It was a lot of fun!
I of course didn't get home until early morning, but it was worth it. That is until Pretty Girl decided she didn't want to sleep in her own bed and was awake on and off for the rest of the night.

Heading out

Book club girls (from l-Stacy, Mindy, Heidi, Marla, Kyla, Me)
My good friend Stacy who was finally in town (it's been almost a year since I had seen her last)

Booger woke me up Sunday morning, all dressed and ready to go. It was super cute!!!! We had to do a little more cleaning around the house that morning. Then went headed back over to my mom's house for the day. We swam again. This time Pretty Girl decided if Booger did something, she could do it too. So, I got him to jump into the pool and after that, that is ALL she wanted to do. I got a great arm work out that day.

She actually let me put a bow in her hair today. She looks sooo darn cute!

Pretty girl and mommy on Mother's Day

Me and our kiddos on Mother's Day

going swimming

jumping in the pool

Booger showing us how to put your face in the water
 My mom made my favorite chicken casserole for dinner. It was delicious!!!! After dinner I was able to talk to M for a little bit, then we took the kids for a bike ride. They really enjoy being outside and it was beautiful out. Not too hot, but not too cold either. :)

"riding" her bike. M attached the ropes so we wouldn't have to bend over to help her all of the time.
 We rounded the weekend out with getting home, having bath time, then daddy came home.

It really was a great weekend. I sure hope the next couple can be like this one. I wasn't showered with flowers (I can't keep any alive anyways), or got to sleep in or pampered, but it was still a great Mother's Day. My present from M will be coming in the next couple of weeks. I asked for a date night. So, hopefully that will happen soon. :)
I feel so happy and energized (even though I haven't gotten great sleep in about 4 days)
Ah! Oh and there are only 14 school days left!!! Woo Hoo!!!!


  1. I'm so glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day! You certainly deserved every bit of it. You are a fantastic Mom. :)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! I know what you mean about drill weekends being all about mixed emotions. Happy belated mother's day!!!

  3. Happy Mother's Day! I'm happy you had such a good weekend, and you definitely deserved a night out! I'm sure your date night will be a great Mother's Day present ;)

  4. They have such great smiles!

  5. I'm glad you had a great reenergiing weekend. You deserve it girl!!! :D


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