Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Summer List

I decided it was a good idea to link up with Whit at Black Little Button and write down my summer list. Sounds fun, right???

Ok so here we go! These are in no particular order.

* Take my Middle Grades Social Studies Certification test and pass it

* Study for my Social Studies 6-12 test (this one is SUPER hard)

* Find a master's program and will allow me to get my paid step increase when finished

* Find scholarships for said master's program

* Sign up for said master's program (I really should have started this like 5 years ago)

* Take a trip up to Michigan to see my Daddy

* Visit with my Biffle, our dates have been too few and far between lately

* See if there are any other openings at a different school and apply for them

* Work out at least 3-4 days a week (gotta get this weight off, again)

* Spend LOTS of time with the kids in my mom's pool

* Make some time for ME and to learn to just RELAX

* Go through old bills and shred ones we don't need

* Create disaster binder with all important papers (hurricane season is upon us)

* Back up all pictures onto an external hard-drive

* Clean out the guest bedroom and get everything in it's place.

I think that's a good list so far. I know a lot of it isn't necessarily "fun", but it's all stuff that needs to get done.


  1. I love this list!! It's awesome. :)

  2. Agreed! I love your list! Very ambitious! :)

    Thanks again for linking up!

  3. You should add, go to Iowa to visit my army wife friend! Just sayin.

  4. You should add, go to Iowa to visit my army wife friend! Just sayin.

  5. Good luck with your list.

    I so need to shred some stuff too.


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