Friday, August 3, 2012

Hurry up....waitin on you

That is a song I hear my husband sing to me every time I am getting ready for us to go out somewhere. (I actually don't take THAT long to get ready, but he likes to bug me about how long I take) I actually miss hearing him sing this, and now I have caught myself signing it the past two days. I'm kinda over it.

My amazing husband is in Texas....yup that is American soil and he STILL isn't home....dang army! His unit has returned to Orlando and I am still waiting......and waiting....and waiting. We are waiting for medical clearance and then hopefully he will call me with his flight time. Ahhhhhh!!!!!!

Things I have done while waiting:
* Cleaned and organized our bathroom
* Cleaned and organized our closet (I had to put my clothes back on my side of the closet) :)
* Cleaned and organized our bedroom
* Cleaned and organized the kids bedroom
* Cleaned the living room and kitchen
* Organized our new to us desk.
I am in love with our new desk! I have been wanting a new desk for like ever and we got this one for FREE! Our good friends are moving and getting rid of a lot of their furniture, I was just glad I saw her post this on facebook before someone else got it. Yea me!
cute right???
 * I got our long haired cat groomed :) tee hee

I'm pretty sure every cat that gets the "lion cut" looks pissed off, haha, my cat is no different (and I say "my" cat because I had him before I met my husband and he likes to remind me it's not "his" cat, joking of course). I'm so happy with it though, I don't have to brush him, which is AH-MAZ-ING!!!!!

* Baby E is cutting two new teeth (really girl??? you couldn't wait another week for daddy, so he could experience this with us???)

Good thing she is so darn cute! She has her bottom two teeth already, now the top two are working their way in. Of course she can't get just one at a time.....nope our children get multiple teeth at a time. Lucky us. (Little L did the same thing, never cut just one tooth)

*Baby E has learned how to shake her head "no" and does it all...of...the...time, and thinks she is quite funny doing it.

* I finished one really great book Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
and started One Breath Away by Heather Gudenkauf. (I used to read at least a book a week in the summer before kids, now I'm lucky if I get a book in a month. Thankfully I've had more time to read this summer, I have really missed reading)


* I've played cars and trucks and colored I can't tell you how many times with Little L.....but I just can't turn him down when he asks so nicely. :)

You know he's thinking "mom! get that camera out of my face!" tee hee

* I've washed 8394757393 loads of dishes

* Painted my toe nails

* and picked up every toy 100 times over.

I have run out of things to do. I feel like I'm in a holding pattern and I think I might just go crazy. I'm a planner and I'm not able to plan when the Army won't get its crap together. I know you are all VERY well aware of the Army and the hurry up and wait policy, but this is ridiculous. I am just hoping that my husband will make it home in time for his High School reunion on Saturday.

Maybe a trip to Mote Marine Aquarium with Little L tomorrow will help pass the time. I've been thinking of taking him somewhere just mommy and him for some time now, maybe this will be the perfect time.

Anyone have any other ideas to help me pass the time until the Army gives me my husband back?

Happy Friday!!!!!


  1. Oh the waiting at the end SUCKS!! I do hope you get that phone call SOON!!

  2. Oh goodness! I'm sorry you're still waiting! I hope the communication is better with him since he's in Texas, and hopefully most of the worry is gone, but how maddening that he's still not home! In YOUR house! Praying for you and hoping he gets to come home very very soon!!

    Time-consuming ideas:
    Meal-planning (so fun)
    Those free printable coloring pages from Pinterest
    Clean the baseboards

    I know, that is the saddest list ever. I'm sorry.

  3. L will LOVE Mote! From his excitement at the airport from just the one aquarium my guess is you'll be able to fill your entire day. Have fun, I'm sure I'll talk to you later today!


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