Friday, December 30, 2011

Got to love Skype

I must say how much I love Skype, even though it can be annoying at times when the bandwidth won't allow us to see the Husband or we get cut off, knowing that he is able to see the kids and be able to hear his voice is so amazing.
We were able to skype while I was in labor with baby E, which was amazing. Being able to hear his voice during this time made it feel like he was a part of the day. It made it a little easier to handle him not actually being in the room with me.
We were also able to skype Christmas morning. He was able to watch little L open all of his presents and again made it feel like he was a part of the day even when he couldn't physically be here.
I can't imagine going through a deployment without the technology that we have today. From skype, to email to facebook, I don't know where I would be mentally if it wasn't for all of it. Not to mention the support I have found through other army wives through the internet has been amazing. It makes it feel like I'm not so alone. Not living on a base sure makes you sometimes feel like you are the only one in the world going through this situation. But I am truly thankful to have the technology we have.
On a side note, baby E is starting to feel a little better. She is still pretty stuffy, but is starting to sound like she feels a little better. I guess all of the sleeping she has been doing has been helping. Let's hope this is the end of the cold and that I don't get it next. :)


  1. skype is definately a good thing...when it works. sometimes it can be an exercise in frustration (my hubby's words) when the connection is bad, BUT i am thankful for it. glad he was able to be there with you guys on Christmas...this is our first holiday apart so it was a little hard.
    glad to hear your little one is feeling better too!

  2. Yes I have to agree that it can be an exercise in frustration, but my husband and I have found that if he doesn't use his video, then it works most of the time. :)
    The holidays are def a hard time to get through without our loved ones with us. Hopefully next year they can be with us again.


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