Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Booger's Pre-School Graduation

On May 23, 2014 Booger graduated from pre-school. I cannot believe our son is old enough to be graduating VPK. 

I decided to take the morning off work that day. I knew this was something I couldn't miss. That morning I realized I hadn't bought Booger a nice outfit to wear that day. Epic mom fail. :( So, off we went to Walmart. We picked out an outfit for him and also picked up the fruit we signed up to bring. Gotta love when you can kill two birds with one stone. I then dropped the kids off at pre-school and went home to get ready.
They started the ceremony at 11am. M and I arrived and waited for the festivities to start.

Each child came out. It was really cute to watch them all walk out and basically have no idea where they are supposed to go, even though I know they practiced many times.

Our Booger!!!!

He found us in the crowd

Then after each came out, they did their morning songs. It was really cute. Afterwards they each came out dressed as what they wanted to be when they grew up.

Most of the boys said they wanted to be a firefighter and most of the girls decided they wanted to be a singer. :) It was really cute!

Mommy and daddy with our graduate

Booger and Ms. Angie

Such a handsome little man

Booger with his Diploma
Overall it was a great day! I didn't shed any tears, but I am sure I will once he starts Kindergarten. After Booger's graduation, M and I grabbed lunch together and then it was time for both of us to get back to work.

I still cannot believe I am old enough to have a son starting Kindergarten in August.


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