Friday, January 10, 2014

Project 365 Week 1 Jan 1-8

I think I am going to jump on the bandwagon and do a Project 365 this year. I feel like I have nothing positive or anything interesting to say, so this I feel will fill in the gaps hopefully. Plus Whitney made it sound so easy :) I hope you enjoy!!!!

So without further ado..... here is my first week :)

Day 1
Watching movies with my babies! I love watching movies with them.

Day 2
These beautiful lockets are finally available to order. Aren't they pretty?

Day 3
Went to Melting Pot to celebrate my Biffle getting married in two weeks! Plus yummy dinner!!

Day 4
I decided I'm going to try this, this year. How fun to think of what to do with the money at the end of the year?? The possibilities are endless. 

Day 5
These emails make me sooo happy! Who knew someone would actually want to pay for what I create for my classroom???

Day 6
This is what my computer looks like when I take attendance. See how many courses I'm in charge of??? It's all because I have 3 course recovery classes. :( 

Day 7
Burrrr!!!! It is COLD outside! I know a lot of you live in the North East and are dealing with colder temps, but for Florida, this is just downright freezing!

Day 8
We went with M to one of Venice High's wrestling meets. The kids enjoyed playing on the bleachers and I was left chasing them around. 


  1. Love this! Good luck with the 365 part. Lol. It is definitely a project. :)

  2. Yay! So glad that you are doing that. I did the 52 week money challenge last year for about the first half, but stopped

  3. Love this! So glad you're doing it too :)

  4. Those lockets are beautiful!

  5. That is so exciting that another teacher bought your work! You must be doing good things in your classroom ;) I have a jar for my change, and I cash that in, but we budget our fun money, and "pay" savings for trips and stuff too!


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