Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Give A Way Winner

I am happy to announce my first winner of the first give a way! (even though my rafflecopter didn't want to work :( )

Drum roll please!!!!!!

The winner is.............SHANNON!!!!!

Woo hoo!

Thank you to everyone who entered and left comments! I wish I could give each and every one of you a locket, but my pocket book just won't allow it. But because you are all my most avid readers and commenters I didn't want you to leave with nothing. So, if you would like to order something, even down the road in the future, if you entered my drawing I am giving each of you 20% off your order! :) How cool is that?!?!? So, if you ever want to order, just let me know and we will get it worked out!

Thank you again to all who read my little blog, I know it's not that interesting, but I do enjoy writing on it when I can :)


I LOVE comments!!! :) I promise I will write back if you leave a comment :)