Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's Wednesday, so let's do a weekend recap

As we can see, I am really up on my stuff huh? It's been busy around here lately. Part of it is my fault and all of the extra stuff I keep saying yes to at work, and the other part is just life. So, let's recap the weekend. This was supposed to be my last weekend as a single parent for awhile.
I have started making the kids go to bed on their own now. Instead of me laying with them until they fall asleep (a bad habit I get into when M is gone) and Pretty Girl wasn't having it. So, she decided to fall asleep in her doorway. She did this two nights in a row, without saying a word to me.
Notice how she made sure to bring Winnie the Pooh as well as two blankets???

Saturday I had my first Jewelry Bar for Origami Owl. It was fun, but the turn out wasn't what I was expecting. I had set a minimum goal for myself and reached that, so I was pretty pleased with myself. Here is a picture of my table. From now on I'm going to use a bigger table and spread out more.

I was pretty proud of my little set up
Saturday night I went out to dinner with my mom and spent some time with her. It was nice. I love spending time with her. I'm sure my high school self wouldn't believe me, but I would much rather spend time with her than go out any day. When I was getting the kids back into the car after dinner, my passenger side rear window fell and wouldn't go back up! Go figure, the day before M was scheduled to come home, my window regulator breaks and now I'm stuck until he can fix it :( Thanks a lot Murphy!!!!

Sunday morning was spent cleaning the house and getting ready for M to come home. I like cleaning extra for when he comes home. I know I would prefer to come home to a clean house after being away for awhile. More relaxing. After my mom got home from Church and lunch with my grandma I took the kids over to swim. They love swimming and I'm sad our swimming season is almost over. But I was so very proud of Booger, who took his mask and put his face in the water, while holding his breath all on his own!!!!! This is a huge step for him!!!!

Here is a short video of it.

Later that night, after getting yummy Chinese for dinner, my mom came over to watch the kids and I drove the hour and a half up to Tampa to meet M at the airport. It was nice picking him up by myself. It made for a late night and a tired me the next day, but so worth it! He is home now and seems to be in pretty good spirits. The kids have enjoyed having him home so far. :)

I am also happy to announce that Booger has decided he is going to wear big boy undies to bed instead of a pull up. This has made quite a bit of work/laundry for me, but we are pleased to say he woke up dry Monday morning!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend as well!!!!


  1. So glad you had a good weekend girlie! Sometimes those are just needed. :) And I'm glad M is home!!! I know how murphy is when they aren't.. and that makes him being home that much sweeter.

  2. So glad you had a good weekend! :)

  3. Yay for big boy undies!! And I woke up to 39* this morning so I'm so glad y'all are still swimming! ;)

  4. I think those necklaces are so neat!

  5. Yayay for undies! Make an origami owl ad and post it on my blog! I'll approve it.


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