Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer....thus far

Well, I thought I would be blogging a whole lot more being out of work. But it seems as though I'm super busy and I keep putting it off. Summers are the worst for me because I procrastinate like no other. "Oh, I can do that tomorrow," and before I know it, a week has gone by.

This summer has been pretty good so far. I have been working out. My friends have talked me into doing Crossfit and I must say, I'm already addicted. I never thought I would like a workout like that, but I do. And what's better is there is a room at the gym for my kids to play, which is pretty rare for CrossFit "boxes". That is a huge selling point to me. Plus the owners are awesome and two of my good friends are going there too. Good motivation for me.

I'm happy to report I'm down on my pop (or as some like to call it "soda") intake. I used to drink at least one a day, now I'm down to like maybe 1-2 a week. It's awesome! Let me tell ya. I'm not down too much weight right now, but I do know I'm getting stronger.

I've also decided to start my masters. I will be getting it in Educational Leadership and M is fully behind me on this decision, which is so awesome! I should be able to get it done in a year to 18 months. I'm not happy with my assignment at school this year, but this will keep me motivated and focused.

One of these days I need to get motivated and get our house in order. It looks as though a tornado went through. It seems like as soon as I pick stuff up, our tornado (Pretty girl) comes behind me and undoes everything I just did.

Do any of you use the Erin Condren Life planners? I've seen them on facebook and have a few friends that love them. I was just wondering what you girls thought of them.

I'm thinking of getting family pictures done this summer before M leaves on his training. What is the going rate for photographers? We haven't had family pics done since M returned from Afghanistan (*fail).

Now I will leave you with some pics of my cute kiddos :) 'Cause who doesn't love cute pics?

She insisted I do her hair and take a picture

This is my indorr kitty who know thinks he's a big bad outdoor kitty. He's declawed and a rag doll cat, he's not going to win outside :(

Pretty Girl got her faced painted while we waited for dinner one night. She wanted to be a rainbow butterfly. She did awesome sitting still to get this done. 

My pretty girl and I at the 4th of July 

4th of July

My Booger who insisted on wearing his silly hat for a picture

My water babies at the 4th
 Have a great weekend!!!!!


  1. So glad y'all are having a good summer!! As for photographers, just because they charge more does not mean they are worth it. I always look at what pictures they have in their portfolio. I tend to do 30 minute mini sessions and I've never paid more than $30 for those. I found a local military spouse that has done most of our family pictures and she gives us so many in our mini session. She also did Grace's first birthday pictures and charged us $40 for 2 hours. Unfortunately she is moving away... but shop around.. I wouldn't pay more than $50.. some photographers think their pictures are the poo, and I don't think they are always that special...

  2. We pay about $150 for pictures. We get an hour with our photographer, $70 for the sitting and $90 for the cd with rights to the pictures. I've been VERY happy with all of them. So glad you're having a good summer. I can't believe how bit the kids are getting!

  3. Good for you cutting back on the sodas! I knew you could do it ;) I'm not a fan of the Erin Condran just because I can't see paying that much. I like Blue Sky Planners that you can order online or get cheaper at Target, Walmart (last year, but haven't seen them this year), and Staples. I think the price of family pictures depends on what you get. I agree with Amanda that you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get good pictures and you can most definitely do a mini session and/or find a military spouse that will do a great job at an affordable rate. Just make sure you know how many edited photos you will get, you need to have exclusive rights to the photos (or shared rights at the very least), and make sure you like the work in their portfolio! I would say less than $75 for a mini session, and less than $150 for a regular session are both doable figures.


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