Saturday, October 25, 2014

What a weekend (sorry it's a delayed post)

**This post was written on October 6th, but I was finally able to get the pictures done and uploaded to add to the post. Sorry for the delay**

Oh my what a great weekend we just had. Let me tell you it has been awhile since I have had such a nice weekend and the best part is we didn't do anything amazing. But it has been awhile and it was awesome.
Our weekend started off on Friday with dinner at a yummy restaurant called Luna's with M's parents and then cards afterwards. Us women won in cards, so that always makes for a nice night :)
Saturday M got up and went golfing with a family friend. I was afraid he would get rained out, but he was able to get a majority of the holes in before it started to rain again. He said he had a good time, which is what is important. While he was gone the kids and I went to lunch with my mom and her new significant other. He seems really nice and makes her happy, so that makes me happy :) It was nice getting a chance to see her and spend some time with her. I miss seeing her.
After lunch I was exhausted, I have no idea why, but I could not function to save my life and thought it might be a good idea to rip my throat out, because it was hurting so bad. Thankfully our children were awesome and played nicely while mommy dozed on the couch. That NEVER happens, but I felt better afterwards.  We had dinner at home and watched movies as a family that night. We all were asleep before 10pm (which is unheard of for us unless someone is sick)
Sunday we had planned to go shopping. Pretty girl can't seem to stop growing and so we needed some new dresses and shirts for her. (Her dresses look like shirts on her now) With the rain on Saturday, we had a cold spell come through. Let me tell ya, when it's 90 degrees with 90% humidity for that long, 72* feels pretty darn chilly. But it was a nice change :) I don't know how long it will last, but I'll take what I can get right now :) I made breakfast that morning (pretty darn good breakfast too if ya ask me) and we headed up to the outlet mall. I was expected a short trip with running into a few stores and getting what we needed and leaving. But let me tell you, my hubby was awesome! We spent a couple hours there and had a good time. :) We got everything we needed plus some. He told me I HAD to buy a pair of reef flip flops, that I would love how comfy they are. Let me tell you, I hated that I had to tell him he was right. But he was! I wore those puppies all over the mall and my feet didn't hurt at all! How crazy is that?!?! I got another pair of work shoes, and he bought me a beautiful watch. I didn't need a new one, but he informed me, watches aren't a "need" item and if I found one I liked, I could get it. How awesome? I love it! Plus you can't go wrong with a little bling, can ya???

Pretty girl got some really cute clothes from Carters and of course new shoes. Her shoes light up and I swear if we let her wear them to bed, she would have. :)
How could I say no to these??? I would probably wear them too if they came in my size :)
Booger got a new Transformer shirt and a new pair of shoes as well.
M of course got a few new pairs of work shoes and did an amazing job not getting annoyed with me and letting me shop and try on clothes. He really was awesome the entire day.
After the mall we headed to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. M has been telling me how amazing this place is for MONTHS. Finally we were up near it and he was awesome enough to take us there for dinner. Let me tell you, he was right! I love Outback, but this place was WAY better! The cinnamon butter on the rolls is just amazing!!! I was pleasantly stuffed and happy. We played cards at his parents house again that night.
Overall it wasn't a spectacular weekend, but it was still pretty amazing. I enjoyed every minute of it (except when I felt I was coming down with strep)

I love relaxing weekends! What makes an amazing weekend for you?


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