Friday, August 15, 2014

Big Cat Sanctuary Trip

I didn't know but Sarasota happens to have a Big Cat Sanctuary. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE big cats! If I could own one, I probably would. But seeing as I can't I will settle for seeing them as much as I can. Thankfully our kids share in my enthusiasm for seeing big cats. I made the mistake of talking to them about it a few days before we were going to go. They asked if that was the day we were going to go. The park is only open Wednesdays through Sundays from 12:00-4:00. Talk about the hottest part of the day!

Thankfully a Wednesday came up and the kids and I headed up to Sarasota. I had no idea what to expect, but was super glad to see they still had their 2:00pm show going on. We made it there just in time and found some seats.

First up was a monkey. Pretty Girl LOVED the monkey and still talks about him to this day. Epic fail on the fact that I did not get one single picture of the monkey.

Soooo excited to see the big cats

This is the best I was able to get. Neither one wanted to cooperate

Let's just say it was hotter than heck outside that day. They have a TON of other animals there, but you have to see them outside. Due to them being only open during the hottest part of the day, most of the big cats were sleeping.

It was a neat experience without having to drive all of the way to the Zoo. Both kids loved it and I hope to take them back in the fall when the temps are a little cooler than surface of the moon hot. :) I also a HUGE fan of large cats, so it won't be too hard to convince me to go again :)

Do you have anything like this near you?


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