Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer List Up-date

I feel like we are about half way done with summer (or at least my summer vacation) and felt this would be a great time to do a quick up date on my summer to-do list.

To refresh your (and my) memory, here is my list:

*Take my Middle Grades Social Studies Certification test and pass it

* Study for my Social Studies 6-12 test (this one is SUPER hard)

* Find a master's program and will allow me to get my paid step increase when finished

* Find scholarships for said master's program

* Sign up for said master's program (I really should have started this like 5 years ago)

* Take a trip up to Michigan to see my Daddy -We ended up going in June, I have a whole blog post dedicated to this.

* Visit with my Biffle, our dates have been too few and far between lately

* See if there are any other openings at a different school and apply for them (done in June and ongoing throughout the summer)

* Work out at least 3-4 days a week (gotta get this weight off, again) I was doing great, until we went on vacation, now I need to start back up again after taking three weeks off.

* Spend LOTS of time with the kids in my mom's pool

* Make some time for ME and to learn to just RELAX

* Go through old bills and shred ones we don't need - I actually completed this this past weekend. It didn't take too long, which was nice

* Create disaster binder with all important papers (hurricane season is upon us)- Got this done at the same time as the one before. It's not organized, but at least it's done and in the proper place.

* Back up all pictures onto an external hard-drive

* Clean out the guest bedroom and get everything in it's place.

I'm feeling very accomplished since M left for a training. It's amazing how motivated when he's not home. Not to mention I have some new fun things to blog about, just waiting for some of them to start before I start blogging about them. I will keep you updated on my to-do list.


  1. You should definitely feel accomplished! Good job!

  2. Man, I didn't accomplish much of anything this summer! It went by far too fast!


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